How to start Programming with MPLAB IDE

Download and install MPLAB IDE.


Go to Project menu and select Project Wizard. Click Next.

Then Choose your microcontroller from the Device list. Click Next.

Choose Microchip MPASM Toolsuite from the Active Toolsuite list. Click Next.

Click Browse to give a location to save your Project files. Click Next.

You have no existing files. So just click Next.

Click Finish.

Go to File menu and Click New. A text editor named untitled will be opened.

Then go to File menu again. Click Save As. Give it a name and save it as Assembly Source File (.asm).

Now you can write your Code in *.asm window.

After the code is completed Right Click on Source Files and select Add files. Add your *.asm file.

Go to Project. Then select Build All.

Select Absolute if it asks for Absolute or Relocatable Code.

Now if the build succeeds you can find a hex file in your project folder. If the Build fails check your code again. Now you can open the *.hex file you just compiled in any PIC Programmer software which came bundled with your programmer. Read the instructions on how to burn the program to the microcontroller referring to the instruction manual came with your programmer.


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