USBPICPROG – An open source PIC programmer

My old PIC programmer supports Windows XP only. I was thinking to buy a Windows 7 supported programmer before I came across usbpicprog. It supports Linux, Mac OS and Windows. So I built it on a vero board. I had to replace some SMD components in the original circuit design with components locally available. I replaced BC847 with BC547. And TSM2301cx with BC557. Then I programmed the bootloader to 18F2550 using my old programmer. Connected usbpicprog. Windows recognized the programmer. I programmed the firmware using usbpicprog software. Then I tried to test it with 16F877A but failed. The software didn’t detect the microcontroller and couldn’t read or write to it. I used IOTEST provided with the software but I didn’t get 12V or 5V VPP . Checked everything and all seemed to be correct. So I thought to replace components in VPP circuit. Replaced BS170 with BC547 since I didn’t had any extra BS170. And boom, everything works perfectly πŸ˜€ .

Click here to check the modified usbpicprog schematic.


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