PIC Microcontroller Programming in Assembly Language

You can learn microcontroller programming in Assembly Language here. I say you can do this by one day, if you have the necessary equipment.

  1. Microcontrollers and Microprocessors

  2. 32 bit – 64 bit Related to Hardware and Software

  3. Powering the Microcontroller

  4. Choosing your Oscillator mode

  5. Program your Microcontroller

  6. Memory Types

  7. PIC Microcontroller Programming in Assembly Language (Instruction set)

  8. PIC 16F84A

  9. Special Function Registers of the PIC Microcontroller

  10. First Program

  11. How to start Programming with MPLAB IDE

  12. How to do a Simulation in MPLAB IDE

  13. Subroutines

  14. Delays

  15. Program Counter, Stack

  16. Flags

  17. Interrupts

I’m not planning to go futher in assembly language. I believe this provides the basics assembly language. Now starts C.

PIC Microcontroller Programming in C

It will be a little bit confusing if you start in C without completing Assembly Language since I wont be explaining basics. Your call.

So why C? Because for larger programs in high end microcontrollers, programming in assembly language is tiring. Also programs in C can be burned to several similar microcontrollers with a little bit of modifying which gives you greater portability.

Lets start then,

  1. Basic Structure of a Function in C

  2. Declaring Variables and Setting Microcontroller Ports in C

  3. Program Flow Control in C

  4. Analog to Digital Converter

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